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David Elstom - a 'Pirate' by water but waiting for his outfit

David Elston – a ‘Pirate’ by water but waiting for his outfit

Small, unusually-named parties are making a comeback in this election, and Wales may be leading the way, it has emerged.

The likelihood of a UK Government coalition is giving a boost to fringe parties who are standing in a number of seats across Britain.

One, ‘The Pirate Party UK’ are standing in Bridgend and are believed to be securing increasing numbers of votes.

David Elston, their candidate and ‘founder of the Welsh branch’, says they are nostalgic for the 18th century ‘Whigs’.

He said you should never bet against a ‘Pirate’, even though there is no chance of winning.

They are supporters of Wales Green party rebel Andy Chyba, who chaired the party but fell out with the official leadership over a potential link-up with Plaid Cymru, and is now a member of the Greens in Bristol.

Mr Elston told Wales Eye:  We’re new because Pirates are at the cutting edge … and our name reflects that.

Whigs like Robert Walpole are an example to 'The Pirates'

Whigs like Robert Walpole are an example to ‘The Pirates’

“Our current Government … are massively out of date.

“Pirates, file-sharers, have existed on the internet for decades and in other forms before that.

“We’re a party for anyone who has ever shared a file, downloaded media, made a mix tape, photocopied some coursework and didn’t believe it was a criminal act or undermining the entire industry.”


“We do not believe being a Pirate is a bad thing – we’re proud to be Pirates.”

He added:  “As you may be aware, Andy Chyba was the Bridgend Chairperson and contested Pippa (Bartolotti’s) leadership.

“I consider Andy one of the well-meaning Greens and we always had positive interaction.

“We also have a whopping ten candidates standing for election in Bridgend this time around.”

Not since the days of the ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’ (MRLP) in the 1980s have so many alternative parties stood in a General Election.

Monster Raving Loony Party satirised British politics

Monster Raving Loony Party satirised British politics

The MRLP was established 32 years ago by the musician ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ who died in 1999.

 It effectively existed to satirise British Politics but defeated a joint Plaid Cymru/Green Party candidate in the bitter 1991 Monmouth by-election.

The ‘Pirates’ too exist to upset the established political order.

Smaller parties may win seats in this election, but a ‘Pirate’ coalition government could be a raid too far.

On Friday Brenig Davies talks to a floating voter who cannot decide about the policies on offer, so he starts his own party.

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